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Typical Shrinkage Values for Miscellaneous Plastic Resins

The information presented on this data sheet was acquired by from various sources, including material producers and recognized testing agencies. PSC makes substantial efforts to assure the accuracy of this data. However, PSC assumes no responsibility for the data values and urges that upon final material selection, data points are validated with the manufacturer. In the shrinkage chart for plastic material below you will find various nylon shrinkage rates, PVC shrinkage, and others. Please contact Plastic Service Centers if you have any questions about PBT shrinkage. 

Material Shrink (in/in
ABS  High Impact 0.005-0.007
ABS High Heat 0.004-0.005
ABS Med Impact 0.005
Acetal 0.005
Acrylic Gen Purpose 0.020-0.035
Acrylic High Heat 0.003-0.010
Acrylic High Impact 0.004-0.008
Nylon 6/6 0.010-0.025
Nylon 6 0.07-0.015
Nylon 6/10 0.010-0.025
Nylon 12 0.08-0.020
Polycarbonate 0.005-0.007
PET - Amorphous 0.003-0.005
PBT 0.010-0.020
PBT 30% Glass Filled 0.001-0.002
Polyetherimide 0.005-0.007
Polyethylene Low Density 0.015-0.035
Polyethylene High Density 0.015-0.030
PPO 0.005-0.007
Polypropylene 0.010-0.030
Polystyrene Gen Purpose 0.002-0.008
Polystyrene High Heat 0.002-0.008
Polystyrene High Impact 0.003-0.006
PVC Rigid 0.002-0.004
PVC Semi-Rigid 0.008-0.025
PVC Flexible 0.002-0.006
SAN 0.002-0.006

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