Barium Sulfate Plastic - Description & Properties

Barium sulfate is a highly useful filler in the plastics industry. Barium sulfate plastics are ones that use barium sulfate as a filler, sometimes comprised of up to 70% barium sulfate. Barium sulfate is derived from barium, or barite which is found in the earth. Barium is used for:

  • Making paint, tiles, rubber, glass, and bricks.
  • To make drilling mud for oil and gas industries, which lubricates the drill and makes drilling rocks easier.
  • Desiccating, or removing oxygen to dry things, like when it’s used in vacuum tubes and spark plug electrodes.
  • The light source in fluorescent lamps, as impure barium sulfide will phosphoresce once it has been exposed to light.

In plastics as a filler, barium sulfate has many useful qualities. It’s mainly used to increase a plastic polymer’s density in vibrational mass damping. It increases both acid and alkali resistance, as well as increasing opacity in the polymer to which it is added.

Benefits of using barium sulfate as a filler in plastics

In products like automotive plastics, household appliances, air conditioning panels, and more, barium sulfate is used to increase the chemical resistance of plastic while also improving its appearance by making it glossier and more opaque. Not only does it do that, but it can also improve the cost of production and the quality of products.

Adding barium sulfate as a filler reduces costs as it is a relatively cheap material. It increases a plastic’s mold processability, scale stability, hardness, and rigidity, and it adds to the tensile and tortuous strength of plastic.

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