Benefits of Using Polymer Processing Aids

If you’re looking to improve the processability of your polymers, then Polymer Processing Aids (PPAs) are an effective additive to use. PPAs improve the handling of polymers and melt processability, and they also improve the appearance of the final product by removing die lines and flow marks.

How do PPAs work?

PPAs can be used internally and externally in polymers, and they are usually lubricants. The way the PPAs improve the processability of polymers is by reducing friction in the production process. Specifically, they reduce the friction between production equipment and molten polymer so that flow characteristics in the polymer are improved.

When using external PPAs, they work on the surface of the polymer to reduce friction between the plastic and the die so that the polymer can be removed from the mold more easily. Internal PPAs act on the polymer itself, reducing friction within the polymer. You can use both internal and external PPAs to create the conditions you need during production.

Benefits of PPAs

There are a wide range of benefits to the production process and final products of plastic polymers from using PPAs.

  • Lowers occurrence of die lines and build-up on a die
  • Improves gloss, smoothness, surface finish, and transparency of finished products
  • Less “sharkskin” or melt fracture
  • Energy savings by reducing friction during production
  • Less gel formation within the polymer
  • Increased productivity due to less maintenance and cleaning of machinery required

Applications of PPAs

PPAs can be used for many different applications to realize a range of benefits. They are especially effective in the production of high viscosity, high molecular weight polymers. Here are the processes that can be used:

  • Pipe and sheet extrusion
  • Blown and cast film
  • Compounding
  • Blow molding
  • And more

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