Industrial Uses of Mica

There are 37 different minerals in the group we call Mica due to their similar physical and chemical properties. Mica is useful in a wide range of industries, including mining, plastics, electronics, automotive, paint, and much more.

Properties of Mica

Mica is lightweight, relatively soft, and flexible when cut into sheets. It has a low density, as well as a high degree of whiteness.

Mica has plenty of rare mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties that make it desirable for use in many industries. It is a chemically inert mineral, meaning that it easily resists light, heat, oil, water, solvents, and a range of chemicals. It has excellent anti-friction and anti-sticking properties. It is non-combustible, moisture-proof, and has high tensile strength. It can even be used for noise control and vibration dampening.

Some industries that use mica

  • Plastic & Rubber – In plastics, mica is useful as an extender, filler, and reinforcing agent. For rubber, it can be used as an inert filler as well as lubrication for rubber molds.
  • Electronics – The most common use is as electrical insulation within electronic equipment. It’s also commonly used for thermal insulation, decorative panels for windows or lamps, field coil insulation, and gauge “glass.”
  • Automotive – Since mica is great for insulation, it’s used in car batteries and engines. It’s used as insulation in electric motors, as well as a dielectric in capacitors.
  • Paint & Construction – Mica’s most common use throughout industries is as a filler and extender in gypsum wallboard joint compound. It improves workability, makes for a smoother consistency, and prevents cracking. In paint, ground mica can be used as a pigment extender. It also prevents shrinkage in drying paint, brightens pigment tone, resists water penetration, and reduces chalking.
  • Drilling – Because of its chemical and physical properties, ground mica is often used in drilling muds as an additive.

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