Industrial Uses of Calcium Carbonate

You may not recognize the name calcium carbonate, but you’ve definitely used it or seen it before. You’ve probably seen it as blackboard chalk, or in its natural forms as limestone and marble. It doesn’t just make a great writing tool or a nice material for a countertop, there are plenty of other large-scale uses for calcium carbonate within a range of different industries.

Construction and Building Materials

One industry that relies on calcium carbonate heavily is construction. Calcium carbonate can be found in all kinds of building materials and throughout the construction process. In its natural state, like marble, it’s already a highly valued building material. It’s also an ingredient in cement. Calcium carbonate, when broken down, is used to create other building materials. When calcium carbonate decomposes, it releases carbon dioxide and leaves behind lime. Lime is essential in the creation of glass, paper, and steel. Calcium carbonate is also used in the mixing of mortar to hold bricks, roofs, concrete blocks, and rubber together. Finally, calcium carbonate’s antacid properties allow constructions sites to reduce their environmental impact by neutralizing acidic water and soil.

Food Production and Health Supplements

Calcium carbonate is all over the grocery store and used in the food production process, too. Because it contains calcium, calcium carbonate is effective as a calcium supplement, as well as an antacid, and as a base for other pills and tablets. When it comes to food and hygiene products, calcium carbonate is involved in a variety of them. Calcium carbonate is an ingredient in toothpaste, dough, wine, baking powder, and dry-dessert mixes.

Paint, Plastic, and Paper

Paint, plastic, and paper would not be the same as we know them today without the help of calcium carbonate. It stands in effect as a filler in these products, and also its sharp white color can be used for a pigment. In the paper industry, it gives the sheets of paper a nontransparent and bright look at a low cost, while keeping sheets’ surfaces smooth. Plus, it gives paper its shining white color. Calcium carbonate is arguably valuable to the paint industry, where it can account for up to 30% of what’s in your paint can. Its superior abilities as a filler have found uses in the creation of plastics and sealants as well.

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