What are Plastic Resins?

What are Plastic Resins?

Within a few decades, plastic has become a staple of a large majority of the products we purchase and use. They have changed the home, shops and some of our environment. There are very few places that you can go to, that are free from plastic.  The use of plastics has allowed manufacturers to create products and their packaging for much than years past when things were made from more costly metals and woods.  

Plastic is actually a very broad term as there are so many varieties in their types and how they are made. This is where science meets technology.

The main base of all plastics is plastic resins, however, through different processes, these resins are transformed to fit specific needs. First, they go through the cracking process.  This is where the resins are created with high heat that breaks down and cracks the hydrocarbons.

After cracking has been finished, the different compounds created are formed into a chain, also known as a polymer. Creating different chains and polymers is what allows resin companies to create plastics that have different characteristics. These differences are what allow the resins to be used in different applications. For instance, soft drink bottles need polyethylene terephthalate.  But for thicker bottles used for prescriptions or milk require a higher density polyethylene.   Also, hot products used in the food industry may require a special type of polymer. The clear plastic wrap would be very thin and made from polyvinyl chloride.

The world is full of ways to create plastics for so many uses.  So far, the examples discussed were made of clear, white or black resins.  Plastics can be created in a rainbow of colors.  The process is not difficult, but color pigments are added to as they are being created. Contact Plastic Service Centers in Clinton Township at 888-44-PLASTIC to get information or a quote on your plastic packaging needs.  You can also reach out to us on the contact form on our website.