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Approximate conversion factors to be used where precision calculations are not necessary. Neither PSC nor any of its affiliates makes any warranty, expressed or implied, or accepts any liability in connection with this information or its use. This information is furnished upon the condition that the person receiving it shall make his own tests to determine the suitability thereof for a particular purpose.

To Convert From: To: Multiply By:
square centimeters square inches 0.155
square feet square meter 0.0929
square inches square centimeters 6.4516
square inches square millimeters 645.16
square meter square feet 10.7639
square millimeters square inches 0.0016
grams/cubic centimeter pounds/cubic inch 0.0361
pounds/cubic foot grams/cubic centimeter 0.016
pounds/cubic inch grams/cubic centimeter 27.68
foot-pounds joules 1.3558
foot-pounds/inch joules/centimeter 0.5338
foot-pounds/inch joules/meter 53.379
foot-pounds/inch kilogram-centimeter/cm 5.3348
foot-pounds/inch kilogram-meter/meter 5.3348
foot-pounds/square inch kilo joules/square meter 2.103
inch-pounds joules 0.113
joules foot-pounds 0.7376
joules inch-pounds 8.8507
joules/centimeter foot-pounds/inch 1.8734
joules/meter foot-pounds/inch 0.0187
kilograms-centimeter/cm foot-pounds/inch 0.1875
kilogram-meter/meter foot-pounds/inch 0.1875
kilo joules/square meter foot-pounds/square inch 0.4755
kilogram-force newtons 9.8067
newtons kilogram-force 0.102
newtons ounce-force 3.5969
newtons pound-force 0.2248
ounce-force newtons 0.278
pound-force newtons 4.4482
kilometers/liter miles/gallon 2.3521
miles/gallon kilometers/liter 0.4251
centimeters inches 0.3937
feet centimeters 30.48
feet meters 0.3048
inches centimeters 2.54
inches meters 0.0254
inches millimeters 25.4
kilometers miles 0.6214
meters feet 3.2808
meters inches 39.3701
mil millimeters 0.0254
miles kilometers 1.6093
millimeters inches 0.0394
millimeters mil 39.3701
bar pounds/square inch (psi) 14.5038
inches of Mercury (Hg) kilopascals (kPa) 3.3864
kilograms/square cm pounds/square inch (psi) 14.223
kilopascals (kPa) inches of Mercury (Hg) 0.2953
kilopascals (kPa) pounds/square foot 20.8854
kilopascals (kPa) pounds/square inch (psi) 0.145
megapascals (Mpa) pounds/square inch (psi) 145.0376
pounds/square foot kilopascals (kPa) 0.0479
pounds/square inch (psi) bar 0.069
pounds/square inch (psi) kilograms/square cm 0.0703
pounds/square inch (psi) kilopascals (kPa) 6.8948
pounds/square inch (psi) megapascals (Mpa) 0.0069
degree °C degree °F 9/5(C) + 32 = °F
degree °F degree °C (F-32)(5/9) = °C
BTU-in/hr sq. ft °F W/(m-K) 0.1442
W/(m-K) BTU-in/hr sq. ft 6.933
inches/inch/°F centimeter/cm °C 1.8
inches/inch/°F meters/meter °C 1.8
centimeter/cm/°C inches/inch °F 0.5556
meters/meter/°C inches/inch °F 0.5556
kilometers/hour miles/hour 0.6214
miles/hour kilometers/hour 1.6093
Pascal-second poise 10
poise Pascal-second 0.1
cubic centimeters cubic inches 0.061
cubic decimeter cubic foot 0.0353
cubic foot cubic decimeter 28.3169
cubic inches cubic centimeters 16.3871
cubic inches liters 0.0164
gallons liters 3.7854
liters cubic inches 61.0237
liters gallons 0.2642
liters pints 2.1134
liters quarts 1.0567
milliliters ounces 0.0338
ounces milliliters 29.5735
pints liters 0.4732
quarts liters 0.9464
grams ounces 0.0353
kilograms pounds 2.2046
ounces grams 28.3495
pounds kilograms 0.4536
ton (metric) ton (US) 1.1023
ton (US) ton (metric) 0.9072
plastic pellets

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