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At Plastic Service Centers, we stock generic plastic resins, as well as a full selection of name brand resins including glass beads to clay, mica, as well as many other resins. So, if you're looking for something specific, there's a good chance that we can fill your needs. We also offer quick and affordable shipping, a secure online payment option, and excellent customer service

We Carry Major Prime Brands, Including:

Plastic Service Centers offers you selection and availability from our 4,000,000+LBS  inventory.


We stock a complete line of plastic resins, including thermoplastic resins, automotive approved polymers, carbon fiber, commodity polymers, including prime, generic, wide-specification,  custom compounds, and engineered resins. Our solid relationships with manufacturers and worldwide logistics partners give you reliable access to the plastic resin products you need, when and where you need them. We also have special pricing on some resins including surplus resins.

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ABS Glass Fiber
ACETAL Carbon Fiber
ACRYLIC Aramid Fiber
NYLON 4/6 Stainless Steel Fiber
NYLON 6 PTFE Lubricant
NYLON 6/6 MoS2 Lubricant
NYLON 6 6/6 Graphite Lubricant
NYLON 6/12 Silicone Lubricant
NYLON 12 Talc
PBT Calcium Carbonate
PET Clay
PEEK Glass Beads
PEI Impact Modifiers
PES Melt Flow Aids
PLA Processing Aids
POLYSTYRENE Flame Retardants
POLYCARBONATE Conductive Carbon Powder
POLYPROPYLENE Light & Heat Stabilizers
POLYETHYLENE Mold Release Agents
PPO Barium Sulfate



plastic pellets

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