Properties & Limitations of ABS Resin Plastic

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) resin plastic is incredibly useful in a variety of fields, and has become a widely used plastic resin because of it. While it has limitations like any plastic resin, it comes with a number of benefits that make it perfect for a range of applications, and at an affordable price. It responds well to additives, making it versatile and able to appear in multiple forms. Plus, it is easy to recycle without having much of an effect on its properties, helping to cut down on waste and increase efficiency.

Properties of ABS Resin Plastic

  • High toughness and rigidity
  • High impact strength
  • High tensile strength
  • High ductility
  • Strong performance in both hot and cold temperatures
  • Electroplatable
  • Resistant to heat and chemicals
  • High dimensional stability

Depending on the additives and modifications you use with ABS resin plastic, you can further increase its toughness, heat resistance, and impact resistance. It’s popular in the automotive and electrical industries because it retains electrical properties even under humidity and high or low temperatures.

Limitations of ABS Resin Plastic

While ABS resin plastic’s list of limitations isn’t as long as its list of benefits, you should still keep these in mind in terms of what application you plan to use it for. Though it has great resistance to heat, when it does burn, it lets out a lot of smoke. It has poor weather resistance as well. Finally, it also has poor resistance to solvents.

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