Polyethylene Plastic and its Uses

The most common type of plastic today, and one you use every day, is polyethylene plastic. It can be processed in many ways, making it extremely versatile and applicable in a range of industries. It’s list of properties have solidified it as one of the most useful plastics on the market today.

Useful Properties of Polyethylene Plastic

  • Thermoplastic – This means that polyethylene plastic can be melted down and cool into a solid again, so it can be reused over and over without losing its integrity. This also helps with reducing pollution, as it avoids the problem many plastics have of creating byproducts when melted or cooled that harm the environment.
  • Durability – It’s resistant to many chemicals like acids, and resistant to chipping and fading.
  • Electrical Insulation – Polyethylene plastic is a strong electrical insulator.
  • Versatility – It can be molded in eleven different ways, each creating a different finished product of varying plastic grades.
  • Temperature Range – Not only does it take very high temperatures to melt polyethylene plastic, but it also stays true to its properties at extremely low temperatures, too.

Plastic Molding Methods for Polyethylene

  • Compression molding
  • Blow molding
  • Transfer molding
  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion
  • Structural foam molding
  • Film insert molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Reaction injection molding
  • Gas injection molding
  • Rotational molding

Applications of Polyethylene Plastic Products

As we mentioned before, polyethylene is the most common of plastics used. Here are some of the industries that use polyethylene plastic:

  • Medical Devices – Polyethylene is perfect for things like medical tubing since it isn’t a porous substance, which allows it to resist contamination.
  • Containers – Polyethylene is both durable and hard, so it can retain its shape and be used over and over for things like buckets and bins.
  • Food Packaging – Polyethylene resists chemicals and water absorption, making it perfect for food packaging. Things like bottles, plastic wrap, jugs, and more can be made of polyethylene plastic.
  • High-Tensile Cables – The strength and lightweight of polyethylene plastic makes it an obvious choice for high-tensile cables, making installation easier and lasting for a longer time.
  • Bulletproof Vests – Yes, polyethylene plastic is even strong enough to help defend against bullets. It’s lightweight and it has high-tensile strength fibers so it can be used effectively in bulletproofing.

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