Industrial Silicone Lubricants

Silicone lubricants have a range of industrial applications to keep your factory or plant running more smoothly and extend the life of your machines. Silicone lubricants come in low-, medium-, and high-viscosity forms. The medium- and high-viscosity silicone lubricants are the most useful for industrial applications.

Industrial applications for medium-viscosity silicone lubricants

Medium-viscosity silicone lubricants are the most popular grade for industrial applications. They are useful in the following ways:

  • Release – When molding plastics, the silicone lubricant acts as a barrier between the mold and what is being molded, allowing the newly manufactured piece to separate from the mold without damage.
  • Anti-Foam – Silicone lubricants are also effective anti-foam agents. The lubricant can be in a fluid, emulsion, or powder form and is able to operate under a wide range of temperatures.
  • Lubrication – Finally, and of course, silicone lubricants are effective at lubrication. They will reduce the friction and wear that your machines experience. Also, they can be effective in energy transfer applications.

Industrial applications for high-viscosity silicone lubricants

High-viscosity silicone lubricants are dependable in demanding situations like these:

  • Greases – Silicone lubricants enhance the properties of your industrial grease. They stay strong under challenging pressures, temperatures, and loads. They also show low volatility at high temperatures, while retaining high fluidity at low temperatures.
  • Paints – Silicone lubricants in the paint make the paint much more durable. In freezing conditions, the paint is less likely to crack with lowering temperatures due to the increased flexibility. The paint is also less likely to corrode when exposed to things like oils and gasoline.
  • Adhesives – Silicone lubricant-based adhesives make for powerful sealants. They can withstand a wide temperature range while exhibiting resistance to the effects of fuels and also show strong elastomeric properties.

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