Why MoS2 Dry Film Lubricant is the Best

What is molybdenum disulfide and what makes it a good lubricant?

MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide), AKA Moly, is one of the leading solid film lubricants across America—and for good reason. MoS2 is part of the dichalcogenide group, and its chemical properties make it a strong choice for your dry lubricant needs. The reason it’s such a good lubricant is due to the weak atomic interaction of its sulfide anions and the strong covalent bond within molybdenum.

What makes molybdenum disulfide so much better than other dry lubricants?

The main reason that MoS2 is such a successful lubricant is its low coefficient of friction. Depending on the cleanliness, humidity, and sliding conditions of the environment, the coefficient of friction can get as low as 0.05 COF. This will reduce the loss of energy, wear and tear, and weakened performance of the machine it’s applied to.

Also, when combined with resins and binders, MoS2 is great at slowing corrosion. Not only that, but you can use MoS2 in temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll see no loss of performance even in high speed and high load situations. Remember, though, that MoS2 works best without water vapor present. This makes it especially effective in vacuum applications.

What is the easiest way to apply molybdenum disulfide?

To start out, a few of the specifications that apply to MoS2 application are AS5272, MIL-PRF-46010, and AMS2526.

MoS2 is versatile in its application. There are many ways it can be applied, including physical vapor deposition, impingement with or without an inorganic binder, rubbing and burnishing, and spraying or dipping a paint-like substance that contains molybdenum disulfide.

Environmental specifications for MoS2

  • Relative load carrying is 250,000 PSI
  • Vacuum temperature range is -185 to 1,100 degrees Celsius at 10 to 14 Torr
  • The ambient temperature range is -185 to 350 degrees Celsius
  • Chemical stability is inert, corrosion-resistant, and non-toxic

Coating specifications for MoS2

  • Substrates are man-made solids and plastics, as well as all ferrous or non-ferrous metals
  • Appearance is Silver grey or blue
  • Applications are cryogenic pumps, compressors and rheostats, circuit breakers and switches, chucks, collets, and tools, machine tools, pins, and taps, high vacuum applications, engine and drive train parts, electrical connectors, pilot valves and chain saws, magnetic heads, slide mechanisms, seamer rolls, rubber gaskets, and O ring seals.
  • Cure time is not required if applied at an ambient temperature

Material specifications for MoS2

  • Density is 4.8 g/cc
  • Molecular weight is 160.08
  • Electrical properties include semiconductor properties
  • Hardness is 1.0 on the Mohs Test

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