What are Stainless Steel Fibers?

Steel fibers (chopped or melt extract) are used to reinforce castable, ramming mixes, and concrete to assist in abrasion resistance and added strengths at lower temperatures. Producing stainless steel fiber that meets international standards is imperative. To boost strength under tension, stainless steel fibers are commonly employed in refractories and reinforced concrete.

What Effects do Stainless Steel Fibers Have?

These fibers are available in a variety of forms and cut lengths for client convenience. Steel fiber has been put through rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards to make sure it brings the following effects:

  • Strength will improve
  • Tensile strain capacity is high
  • Improved material adhesion
  • Thermal compatibility is excellent

Advantages to Stainless Steel Fibers

Steel fiber is often utilized to reinforce high-temperature concretes in the refractory industry. It is known to maintain refractory strength over a wide range of temperatures. Steel fiber technology in refractory applications provides a broader range of benefits, including outstanding abrasion resistance, exceptional spalling resistance, remarkable fracture toughness, and superior resistance to mechanical and thermal shock.

Steel fiber technology has a number of advantages in refractory applications, including good abrasion resistance, great resistance to spalling, remarkable fracture toughness, superior resistance to mechanical and thermal shock, and constant alloying properties.

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