How Plastic Has Shaped Wire & Cable Products

With so many products across many different industries now incorporating plastic in manufacturing, the demand for plastic-engineered wire and cable products has also continued to grow.  In fact, the market for wire and cable plastic is expected to grow to over $230 billion by the year 2027.

From consumer electronics to IT devices, bendable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has become one of the most in-demand materials to use for all sorts of wire and cable products.  Plastic Service Centers knows how beneficial PVC material can be for most industries.  Though, with much of our world’s products shifting towards inexpensive, lightweight, and durable plastic for manufacturing, we are also seeing a shift to plastic from metal or other denser materials used in wire and cable applications.

Emerging technologies and electronics have increasingly higher power and data transfer requirements each year new products are released.  This can produce heat, which, if not properly insulated, can degrade data flow and the wire itself, potentially raising temperatures to dangerous levels.  As much as these products progressively make things more convenient for consumers, the amount of electricity transmitted through products’ infrastructure increases in both volume and intensity.

With the emergence in urbanization and globalization, the transportation market alone has seen rapid growth in recent years.  The growing demand for electrification as well as the recent development of autonomous vehicles to reduce carbon emissions are two major components used by policymakers around the globe to propel market growth.  Precisely, automobiles, along with other transport systems, include clutch wires, accelerator and brake wires, gear wires, and much more.  Therefore, these systems depend on durable, flexible infrastructure to support a safe, long-lasting product cycle.

Additionally, plastic-insulated wires and cables are essential in residential, commercial, and industrial applications because they securely provide electricity, data, and voice communication to electrical devices.  As a result, increased investments in the building and construction industry, fueled by rising buying power parity and rising living standards, are expected to drive the global wire and cable plastics market during the forecast era.

North America's power market is well-developed, and in terms of end-use business, the power & energy sector accounted for a significant portion of the North American wire & cable plastics demand in recent years.  During the forecast era, the building & construction segment of the market in the area is projected to grow rapidly.  Rapid growth in construction activity in North America, especially in the residential sector, is expected to fuel demand for housing units in the area, thanks to low borrowing costs.  The building and construction segment of the wire and cable plastics industry in North America is driven by this aspect.

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