Market Worth of Plastic Packaging

From beverage and food packaging to personal care and plastics used for the pharmaceutical industry, plastic packaging has been and will continue to be a dominant sector in the plastics industry.  In fact, according to Grand View Research, Inc., the plastic packaging market is expected to reach a staggering worth of over $486.2 billion by the year 2028.

The rise of demand for plastic packaging comes with the growing demand for more lightweight shipping and convenient, flexible packaging solutions.  Increases in the use of plastics in packaging continue to dominate the packaging industry.  This is because so many companies are opting for e-commerce platforms with smarter shopping and shipping initiatives.

Some of the materials most used in the plastic packaging industry today can be found right here at Plastic Service Centers!  From low-density polyethylene resin material to recycled plastics and resins, Plastic Service Centers specializes in producing high-quality, lightweight, and durable plastic to support the continued growth of plastics for packing solutions.

Such a growing demand is a direct result of the amount of recyclable plastic material Plastic Service Centers can use to produce new plastic material.  The best thing about plastic is that its uses are so versatile, allowing its size and shape to be changed to suit many needs for packaging.

Manufacturers in various business sectors are prioritizing recycled plastic resins to produce packing containers, wrapping film, pouches, and more.  These solutions are comparatively cost-effective, lightweight, and allow manufacturers a quicker turnaround time than glass or metal.

The management staff at PSC com brings over a century of experience including technical, manufacturing, and marketing of thermoplastic resins.  We pride ourselves on recommending plastic resin options that best meet your requirements for your new or existing application.  We have the best plastic services at the most competitive prices in the industry today.

Plastic Service Centers: Thermoplastic Distributors Michigan

Plastic Service Centers can offer you availability from our 4,000,000+ pounds of inventory!

We stock everything from bulk plastic resins, such as thermoplastic resins, PVC shrinkage, and nylon shrinkage.  We also specialize in distributing automotive resin polymers, carbon fiber, commodity polymers, and prime, generic, or wide-specification custom compounds and engineered resins. 

Our strong relationships with our manufacturers and logistics partners give our customers access to the plastic resin products they need, when and where they need them.  We also have special pricing on our in-house plastic resin supply, including surplus resins.

Located in Clinton Township, Michigan, Plastic Service Centers has distribution centers throughout the U.S. to help us serve our clients quickly and conveniently.  We work closely with our customers to ensure high quality and competitive prices for every single order.  Trust us to be your experts in the processing of plastics and fulfilling the need for new plastic services.  We’ll work hard to exceed your expectations!

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