Why Plastic Is So Important for Military Applications

Plastics continue to change in many different industries for many different reasons, and the military is no exception.  Full-service plastic companies like Plastic Service Centers continues to change the way in which the military builds components from tanks, jeeps, ships, and airplanes to the gear and everyday equipment used by men and women in service.

Whether the application is small and temporary or large and long-term, Plastic Service Centers is the place to go.  We have capabilities in engineering, warehousing, and shipping plastic wherever the need lies.  Not only are we a plastics supplier for companies here in the midwest, but we also conduct our business in Canada and Mexico, as well.

Now, let’s explore some of the reasons why plastics in the military is such an important component of how plastic continues to change the world.

Low Costs in Manufacturing and Shipping

Plastic is one of the most inexpensive materials in the world of manufacturing.  When budgeting materials to use in military applications, one of the most important components — like many other industries — is to consider the volume in which the materials will be used.  Many applications require an identified minimum target volume of material before production.  Plastic injection molding is flexible in its volume, easily being able to be adjusted to alleviate lead times in other manufacturing sectors.

Plus, not only does the cost of raw plastic materials remain much lower than alternative materials, but shipping plastic is also a cost-saver.  The lightweight density of plastic tends to allow much more product to be shipped at once in comparison to much heavier, metal-like materials.

Plastic Is Flexible, Durable and Anti-Corrosive

Products being used in the field have no option but to be reliable to use.  Materials need to withstand long lifespans without significant depreciation and progressive repairs.  Plastic is the material that military sectors can rely on for being more flexible, sturdy and durable, and resist corrosion over time.  Plastics offer that versatility that other materials just cannot, leading it to be one of the most used materials produced in the military sector.

Easily Replaceable

In comparison to other materials, plastics are able to be melted down and remanufactured into modular replacements for military parts.  Since such applications are easy to do, the amount of uptime will benefit seeing that materials are so readily available and, thus, ready to use.  Even with material abrasions and significant pressure impact, plastics are still able to withstand a lot, leading applications to run longer and more efficiently.

While other materials may have their distinct benefits, plastics in the military is a wise choice when considering the overall strength, reliability, shipping weight, and cost to produce such materials.  Plastic offers so many advantages that require little turn-around time but still being one of the most beneficial materials used in all industries.

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