Recycled Materials in the Furniture Industry

In recent years, the furniture industry has experienced a shift to using more recycled materials to make their products. Being eco-conscience has taken hold of most industries as more and more companies are trying to do their part by choosing more energy-efficient ways to produce products.

It’s not surprising to see furniture today that is made from household waste. Since plastic is much less environmentally friendly than say wood, it makes sense that in today’s world more people are choosing more environmentally friendly material for their furniture.  Efficient use of plastic ensures lower carbon emissions and makes it all-around more sustainable.

A few examples of what recycled material is commonly used for furniture include:

  • Recycled wood fiber
  • Reclaimed timber
  • Recycled nylon
  • Recycled aluminum

Being more eco-conscience doesn’t stop at furniture though. Many people have adopted new habits of doing their part to be less wasteful, and making conscious efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. For household items like furniture, having eco-conscience recycled pieces are more preferred. Upcycling old furniture into something more modern or into a new use have also become more popular over the years.

Companies like Ikea for example have not shied away from their role in sustainability. They include recycled materials in their wood products and have replaced oil-based polystyrene with recyclable materials. When big furniture companies take these big eco-conscience leaps, it helps other companies and even other industries fall into line.

The challenge of replacing less eco-friendly material with recycled materials can sometimes be problematic. Plastic is lightweight and can be very high strength, which makes it easier to produce products that are lighter, stronger, and easier to use. At what cost does using plastic and non-recycled materials come though?

Industries are becoming more and more creative as time goes on in their journeys to be more sustainable. Since manufacturers use plastic in many products, there are more opportunities to use recycled plastic or other material for different products. The world is full of different ways to do things, and why not continue down the path of sustainability for the future of our world?

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