Plastics in the Electronics Industry

Electronics are included in so many aspects of our lives.  From our work computers to the cars we drive and televisions we watch, electronics are a daily incorporation of the American lifestyle.  Believe it or not, new plastic product material is heavily used in the production of electronic products.  So, the collaboration of plastics companies with electronics companies has progressively become a very lucrative partnership to be in today!

Plastics generally fall into two categories: thermoplastics such as polyethylene, which are melted down and remolded.  Then, there are thermosets, such as urea-formaldehyde, which, once set, cannot be remelted, making them applicable to encountering heat.  For electronics, both materials are applicable for both production as well as consumption.

Whether you need our plastic resin pellets or a combination of various plastic products, plastics serving the electronics industry is fairly inevitable.  From smartphones to microwaves and most all home gadgets and gizmos, plastics deliver range of performance benefits incomparable to many other materials used for electronics production.  The unique combination of materials can further inspire new products and uses for electronics, making plastics a valuable resource for many electronics in the future.

As time has proven, the more incorporation of plastics into products has demonstrated that electronics can perform a lot more with significantly less.  Plastics are fairly lightweight, especially in comparison to denser materials, like metals, glass and silicone.  This provokes a substantial reduction in weight and a subsequent reduction in shipping over a period of time.  The more that electronics incorporated with lightweight plastic, the more shipping can handle, even with a bigger influx of materials to ship.

PSC also recycles plastic in large quantities for the long-term benefit of reducing the amount of plastic waste.  Once we acquire recyclable plastics, we rate their quality and sort them by their type of resin.  Then, we grind, shred, pulverize or pelletize the plastic.  Ground plastic can be used directly out of our processors; though, the ground plastic may be too impure to use for product manufacturing, despite its effectiveness on cost.

Further processing of the plastic may include densifying, aspiration, separation based on density, and even computer color separation. It is then that the plastic is washed to rid any lasting impurities, such as paper. The purified plastic will then be melted and pelletized. These purified plastic pellets are utilized by many manufacturers to manufacture goods, such as various electronic devices. These recycled plastic pellets are often premium quality, environmentally friendly, and a beneficial cost alternative to investing in virgin plastics.

Whether you are a manufacturer of electronic goods, or distribute products for electronic manufacturers, let Plastic Service Centers help you with our reliable supply and delivery.  We can collaborate with you and your endeavors to maximize your bottom line and minimize your overall budget!

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