Plastics in Building and Construction Initiatives

Plastic material offers a cheaper, lightweight, and more flexible alternative to building and construction materials like steel, wood, and more.  There are other benefits to utilizing plastics in construction such as the resistance to corrosion, alternative insulation materials, roof coverings, and more.

There are a variety of advantages to using plastic in construction as opposed to some of the other more expensive and less flexible materials.  Thermoplastic resins, for example, are easily recyclable and can be reengineered to replace parts in the building and construction process.

While there might be a variety of benefits to incorporating plastics in building and construction, let the experts at Plastic Service Centers cover some of the main reasons why plastics can work in this market.


Plastics have exceptional surface hardness that is durable against many different pressures.  While plastic material itself is corrosion-resistant, it also allows the material to withstand inclement weather and natural elements that can accumulate over time.  Plastic pipes, like PVC pipes, are chemical-and-water-resistant, allowing them to withstand extreme weather and excessive amounts of water.  Additionally, unlike materials like wood, termites and rodents are unable to find any nutritional value in plastic.  Therefore, wildlife becomes a significantly smaller issue when structures are built with durable plastic.


For instance, like in concrete structures, recycled plastics can be utilized to build stronger framework and building structures, like sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, frames in walls and flooring, and more.  This causes concrete structures to be up to, if not more than, 15% stronger than without plastic.  Additionally, by using structural plastic lumber instead of wood, structures no longer need to be sprayed with preservatives to prevent damage from wildlife and weather.  The polyurethane from recycled plastic is engineered to withstand such elements - even expanding its uses to park benches and picnic tables.


Plastic components often cost a lot less than steel counterparts.  In addition, plastics often take the pressure off of installation, even when plastics have custom engineering.  Plastics are resourceful in that they are cost-effective throughout the production process as well as maintaining a sustainable lifespan.  Unlike metals and other materials, plastics can be reused, reshaped, recycled, and converted into energy for other purposes.  Plastics, like plastic installation in windows and insulation, disallow central air and heat to escape a home or business, causing often massive blows to your energy or natural gas bills.

Several Utilizations

Plastics are a versatile material utilized in the building and construction of both commercial and residential real estate.  With its ability to be reengineered into material specific to a particular purpose, plastics have become one of the most beneficial materials to use while building or constructing new or existing properties.

Take a look at the list including, but not limited to, building and construction components plastics can likely benefit:

  • PVC piping and gutters
  • Windows and doorways
  • Ceiling tiles and tile hanging
  • Floor tiles
  • Floor, wall, and ceiling membranes
  • Insulation materials
  • Roofing materials
  • Concrete framework
  • Structural wires and cables
  • Cladding for buildings
  • Plumbing
  • Adhesives

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