Thermoplastic Resins Used in the Dental Industry

Thermoplastic Resins Used in the Dental Industry

Thermoplastic resins are materials that soften to a liquid in high heat and then harden again when cooled. Because of these properties, thermoplastic materials can be molded into a variety of shapes and structures, making these plastic resins applicable to many industries. They are most often used in the injection molding process.

There is a tremendous assortment of thermoplastics available, from polycarbonate to nylon to acrylic, and each with its own applications. Rope, machine screws, and gear wheels, among others, use nylon. Acrylic has been used in aquariums, windows, signs, and even medicine. There is a use for thermoplastics in just about every industry including the dental field.

Clearmet is a new clear thermoplastic resin specifically designed for its durability. The special thermoplastic material is intended for use in an injection molding process. Unlike traditionally-used metal partials, Clearmet has an ultra-transparent framework making it invisible within the mouth.  It is also odor-free and stain-resistant. 

The clasps on the partial are adjustable chairside meaning you do not have to remove the appliance to do so.  It can also be relined and repaired in saddle areas.  Another great benefit is that the clasps are tooth-bearing and not tissue-bearing which lends for better stability and less mouth irritation.

Chemists are always finding new ways to create new plastics. The fact that plastics are so versatile is exactly why they are used every day for so many different things including medical uses. 

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