What is Blow Molding?

What is Blow Molding?

There are two processes used to manufacture high quality plastic moldings: injection molding and blow molding. With injection molding, thermoplastic resin molds are injected with liquid polymers at high temperatures under extreme pressure. The molds are then cooled to release complete plastic parts that are highly durable and able to be produced in large volumes.  
Blow molding is a process similar to glass blowing and is used to create hollow objects like water bottles, Tupperware, construction cones, kids’ toys, spray bottles and much more. Blow molding, as opposed to injection molding creates thinner, more uniform walls.  

The blow molding process begins with melting down plastic and shaping it into a tube-like piece of plastic, called a “parison” or a preform. There is a hole at one end through which compressed air can pass. The “parison” is the sent into the molding station of the machine where it is heated and filled with air, that blows up the plastic into the required hollow shape.  

With blow molding, the material used is very important as well as the consistency in the mold. There are certain variables to consider in a finished product such as wall thickness and air leaks. Quality control is an important part of the process. And, it’s important to look for a supplier that is qualified and trained to measure, monitor, and improve every aspect of the product. 
Plastics Used in Blow Molding 

Thermosets and thermoplastics are the two most common types of plastics used in the blow molding process. The main difference between the thermoset and thermoplastic materials is how they react to high heat. While thermoplastics will melt (and can be remolded after initial formation), thermosets will solidify.  
While both are used in the plastic industry, Plastic Service Centers specializes in thermoplastic resins. We stand behind them due to their versatility, chemical resistance, aesthetic superiority, and eco-friendliness.  
As the premier choice in Michigan for thermoplastic resins, Plastic Service Centers distributes preferred plastics used for blow molding, specifically Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). PET is a polyester that is typically injection blow molded into clear containers. In fact, the largest market for PET is for soft drink and water bottles.  

Blow Molding Resin Materials from Plastic Service Centers 

Plastic Service Centers carries a wide selection of plastic resins. In fact, at any given time, we have over 4,000,000 pounds of thermoplastic resin in stock. We even stock hard to find plastic resins, surplus resins at special discounts, and we can create custom colors for resins. 

In addition, we provide carbon fiber, glass fiber, glass beads, graphite lubricant, and other products. Just give us a call at (586) 307-3545 to inquire about availability or to place an order. You can also reach out to us through the contact form on our website. At Plastic Service Centers, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices, an impressive selection of products, and the best possible customer service. So, you can confidently trust us with your thermoplastic resin needs.