Carbon Fiber Advantages in Automotive and Alternate Energy Industries

Carbon Fiber Advantages in Automotive and Alternate Energy Industries

Carbon fiber is a multi-functional strengthening material that has steadily grown in popularity through the past several years. Sometimes called graphite fiber, carbon fiber is unique because it is five-times stronger than steel, twice as stiff, but incredibly lightweight. This makes carbon fiber perfect for automobile parts and the wind turbines used in alternate energy production. In addition, carbon fiber is still heavily utilized for strengthening resins and ceramics. Whatever your need for carbon fiber, Plastic Service Center provides top-quality materials at competitive prices. And this makes it easier for you to discover the possibilities of carbon fiber for your industry.

The Benefits of Carbon Fiber Over Other Manufacturing Materials

In addition to thermoplastic resins, glass fiber, and glass beads, Plastic Service Center offers high-quality carbon fiber for your commercial needs. As mentioned previously, this material is both incredibly strong (boasting high-tensile strength) and extremely lightweight. Therefore, when used it automobiles and planes, it easily retains its structural integrity without weighing down the finished product.

In addition, numerous studies have shown that carbon fiber is highly resistant to corrosion. The strength of its carbon-to-carbon bond combats oxidation, so exposure to a harsh environment won’t compromise its performance. This makes carbon fiber ideal for boats, vehicles, or any other item that is constantly exposed to salt water or corrosive chemicals.

Next, carbon fiber has a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), a useful property that makes the material resistant to shape change when exposed to heat. This, combined with its low thermal conductivity makes carbon fiber an excellent choice for building components that are exposed to high temperatures during production.

Finally, this fiber has the reputation of being something of a chameleon in the world of manufacturing because it can take multiple forms. Whether woven, chopped, or spun into filaments, carbon fiber retains its impressive properties. Therefore, it is used in the production of everything from musical instruments to bulletproof vests, to sports equipment and top-of-the-line car parts.

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