Finding the Right Thermoplastic Resins for Your Company’s 3D Printer

Finding the Right Thermoplastic Resins for Your Company’s 3D Printer

Thermoplastic resins such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and polycarbonate are versatile materials and have many uses in the world of manufacturing. These plastic resins have relatively low melting points, so they are easily converted to liquids, injected into molds, and shaped into components. Because of their versatility, thermoplastic resins are used to create everything from dental implants to automotive parts.

And now that 3D printing is more affordable than ever, many companies have embraced the technology to bring their design projects to life. They have also discovered yet another use for polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and other thermoplastic resins. Because they melt and reshape easily, thermoplastics make excellent 3D printing materials.

However, if you’re not sure which thermoplastic resins are best for your printing needs, Plastic Service Centers can help. We are a leading plastic resin distributer in Southeast Michigan, and we have over 4,000,000 LBS of thermoplastic resin in stock.

Let Plastic Service Centers Find the Right Thermoplastic Resin for Your 3D Printing Needs

As a trusted and knowledgeable plastic distributer, Plastic Service Centers can answer all questions concerning thermoplastic resins and related materials. However, here is a brief rundown of the most popular plastic resins used in 3D printing.

Polypropylene Plastic: This thermoplastic resin in used in everything from disposable food containers to automotive part and is known for its anti-corrosive properties. It has a melting point of 266 degrees Fahrenheit. However, because it is relatively expensive, many companies choose to use simulated polypropylene, which is cheaper but capable of producing similar results.

Polycarbonate Plastic:  Polymers of carbonate groups, polycarbonate plastics are resistant to changes in temperatures and boast exceptional structural strength. And because they are typically more expensive than even polypropylene plastics, these thermoplastic resins are typically reserved for optical devices and CDs.

Polyethylene Plastic (or Common Plastic): According to recent statistics, factories across the world produce approximately 80 million metric tons of polyethylene plastic every year. As the cheapest available thermoplastic resin, it is primarily used to produce such common items as plastic bags and drink bottles. While not touted as the absolute best material for 3D printing, polyethylene is recyclable. Therefore, if sustainability is one of your business’ top priorities, this type of plastic can serve you well for certain projects.

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