Product Overview: Sunprene

Product Overview: Sunprene

SUNPRENE™ is a flexible PVC compound plastic resin that can be extruded, and blow-or-injection molded.  It is used for aesthetic seals, gaskets and other items alternatively to rubber and other thermoplastic elastomers.  Most often, SUNPRENE™ is the most economic and efficient choice.

One of the key components of SUNPRENE™ is its smooth, durable surface.  It is engineered to meet different gloss targets – from low-to-high gloss variation – considering specific requirements for appearance.  It is commonly used in window and automotive glass enclosures, and more specifically interior automotive applications, including in designs for dashboards.

Here is a chart of some of the specifications indicating why we recommend SUNPRENE™:





High mechanical properties, such as Abrasion-Scratch-Tear

Long-term weathering resilience

Clean, smooth surfaces

Fast elastic recuperation

Chemical indolence, such as

Range in glossiness from matte finishes to a sleek sheen

Heat aging resistance

Compliance to industry standards:


CSTB – Classes 4 & 5

RAL − GKFP – RAL GZ 716/1 – Classes 4 & 5



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