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SUNPRENE™ applications merge supple materials like vinyl – for example, PVC pipe – with quality physical, mechanical and heat aging performances but also exceptional surface characteristics, moving the uniquely designed SUNPRENE™ into many different high demand applications.


SUNPRENE™ is notable for creating a smooth appearance from matte finishes, satin finishes and shiny gloss, considering specific requests for the aesthetics.  Seals (commercial windows and automotive glass enclosure).  It is also designed for interior and exterior parts for various automotive applications.


Durable Resilient Presentable

High mechanical properties, such as Abrasion-Scratch-Tear

Long-term weathering resilience

Clean, smooth surfaces

Fast elastic recuperation

Chemical indolence, such as
Range in glossiness from matte finishes to a sleek sheen
Heat aging resistance    



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Resistance of Performance & Aging

  • CSTB – Compositions of material primarily for sealing carpentry profiles along with its light aesthetic – Classes 4 & 5
  • RAL − GKFP – RAL GZ 716/1 – Classes 4 & 5


Plastic Service Centers is a full-service thermoplastic resin and carbon fiber distributor offering the most competitive pricing on prime quality plastic resin products to businesses in Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, all other US states.  We also proudly serve clients in Canada and Mexico.  Because we are a full-service thermoplastic distributor, we offer a more reliable supply and delivery than other plastic resin distributors.  Give us a call at (586) 307-3900 or request a FREE quote today to see the difference for yourself.

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