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The experts here at Plastic Service Center (PSC) specialize in processing post-industrial and single-stream, post-consumer recyclable plastics. Our grinding, shredding, pelletizing, and pulverizing services produce quality plastic resins – such as thermoplastic resins, automotive polymers, custom-engineered compounds, and others – from scrap plastic.

Since PSC is a full-service plastic resin and carbon fiber distributor, we offer the most competitive pricing on prime quality plastic resin products to businesses in Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and all other US states. We also proudly serve clients in Canada and Mexico. By being a multi-material plastics processor, PSC offers various recycled plastic pellets for post-manufacturing, including, but not limited to:
•    Film
•    Bags
•    Bottles
•    Glass Beads
•    Injection and Compression Molding
•    & More

PSC recycles plastic in large quantities. Once we acquire recyclable plastics, we rate their quality and sort them by their type of resin. Then, we grind, shred, pulverize or pelletize the plastic. Ground plastic can be used directly out of our processors; though, the ground plastic may be too impure to use for product manufacturing, despite its effectiveness on cost.

Further processing of the plastic may include densifying, aspiration, separation based on density, and even computer color separation. It is then that the plastic is washed to rid any lasting impurities, such as paper. The purified plastic will then be melted and pelletized. These purified plastic pellets are utilized by many manufacturers to manufacture their goods. These recycled plastic pellets are often premium quality, environmentally friendly, and a beneficial cost alternative to investing in virgin plastics.

Examples of the resins that we stock include, but are not limited to:
•    NYLON 12 (Talc)
•    PBT Calcium (Carbonate)
•    PET (Clay)
•    PEI (Impact Modifiers)
•    & More

Because we are a full-service thermoplastic distributor, we offer a more reliable supply and delivery than other plastic resin distributors. Give us a call at (586) 307-3900 or request a FREE quote today to see the difference for yourself.


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