Glass Fiber

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Glass fiber is a material created from fine fibers of glass. A common version of glass fiber is called glass wool and is often marketed as “fiberglass.” This popular material is frequently used as a primary component in thermal building insulation. In other forms, glass fiber is utilized by several different industries in the production of parts and goods. And Plastic Service Centers supplies high-quality glass fiber to these industries at competitive prices.

Why Glass Fiber is Important in Manufacturing

Glass fiber and carbon fiber share similar properties. And, although carbon fiber is stronger and more rigid, glass fiber is cheaper and less brittle. Glass fibers can also be stretched farther before they break. Because of these qualities, glass fiber is often used to reinforce polymer products. Then, it it’s loosely woven form, this versatile material serves as a reinforcing layer for asphalt pavement.

In addition to thermal insulation, fiberglass and other types of glass fiber are used to produce electrical insulation and sound insulation. When first invented in 1893, glass fiber was introduced to the world in the form of a dress at the World’s Columbian Exposition. However, glass fiber quickly migrated from the world of fashion and into service industries, sporting goods, and the military. Now, it is regularly featured in items such as heat- and corrosion resistant fabrics, as well as tent poles, automobile bodies, hockey sticks, and boat hulls.

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