Carbon Fiber

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Sometimes called graphite fiber, carbon fiber is an exceptionally strong and lightweight polymer. In fact, carbon fiber is five-times stronger than steel, but lighter, so it is widely utilized in the auto industry as a material of choice in the production of high-end vehicles. Carbon fiber is frequently used in the production of other types of goods including bike frames, propeller blades, and aircraft components. Typically, industry leaders who purchase and use carbon fiber have high standards and demand the best possible material. This, they can easily find – and at competitive prices – through Plastic Service Centers.

Why Carbon Fiber is Considered an Elite Polymer in the World of Manufacturing

Composed mostly of carbon atoms, carbon fibers are normally about 5-10 micrometers in diameter. The fibers themselves have excellent properties, including high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, and low thermal expansion. Truly, the only thing that deters some manufacturers from using carbon fiber is its cost. Carbon fiber is one of the most expensive polymers in the world, but it is irreplaceable in certain industries.

Fortunately, for the industries that rely on carbon fiber for its unique qualities, the cost of the polymer is steadily dropping. Therefore, carbon fiber may become even more popular as it becomes more accessible. Woven into materials, carbon fibers conduct heat and energy incredibly well. It is also safe to use in clothing and blankets. So, in the future, carbon fiber may start to appear in more types of products, and it is likely that more vehicles will feature carbon fiber parts and accessories.

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