Plastic Service Centers

PSC is a full service thermoplastic resin and carbon fiber distributor offering the most competitive pricing on prime quality plastic resin products to businesses in Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, all other US states. We also proudly serve clients in Canda and Mexico. 

  • Many Major Brands of Plastic Resins
  • Automotive Approved Resins
  • Certified Plastic Resins
  • J.I.T. & L.T.L. Deliveries
  • Fast turnaround on Pricing and Availability
  • Virgin/Prime Resins
  • Generic Resins
  • Technical Support/Testing Services
  • Color Matches
  • Fast and easy order placement
  • Material Development
  • Minimum Inventory Program
  • Recycling Programs
  • Grinding
  • Capabilities to inventory themoplastic resins for you
  • Custom Coloring available
  • Purchasing of your surplus plastic resins
  • Discounts on large orders.
  • Combine two or more grades
  • Virgin materials (Original Manufacturing Packaging)

Because we are a full service thermoplastic distributor, we offer more reliable supply and delivery than other plastic resin distributors. Give us a call at (586) 307-3900 or request a FREE quote today to see the difference for yourself. 

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