Plastic Service Centers

PSC is a full service thermoplastic resin and carbon fiber distributor offering the most competitive pricing on prime quality plastic resin products.

  • Many Major Brands of Plastic Resins
  • Automotive Approved Resins
  • Certified Plastic Resins
  • J.I.T. & L.T.L. Deliveries
  • Fast turnaround on Pricing and Availability
  • Virgin/Prime Resins
  • Generic Resins
  • Technical Support/Testing Services
  • Color Matches
  • Fast and easy order placement
  • Material Development
  • Minimum Inventory Program
  • Recycling Programs
  • Grinding
  • Capabilities to inventory themoplastic resins for you
  • Custom Coloring available
  • Purchasing of your surplus plastic resins
  • Discounts on large orders.
  • Combine two or more grades
  • Virgin materials (Original Manufacturing Packaging)

Because we are a full service thermoplastic distributor we offer more reliable supply and delivery than other plastic resin distributors.

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