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PSC Announces New Distributorship with SABIC Innovative Plastics

PSC Announces New Distributorship with SABIC Innovative Plastics

Plastic Service Centers, a thermoplastic resin distributor headquartered in Clinton Township, Michigan has announced a strategic distributorship with thermoplastic engineering company, Sabic Innovative Plastics.  The distributorship will focus on the stocking and distribution of various grades of Automotive Approved SABIC PP’s and TPO’s.

This new relationship comes shortly after SABIC Innovative Plastics acquired OEM approvals for the production and creation of original automotive PP and TPO products.  Plastic Service Centers has strategically located warehouses throughout the United States to provide quick shipment to the continental US, Canada, and Mexico.  Plastic Service Centers’ logistic practices has enabled them to provide their high quality thermoplastic resins to potential customers at affordable price points.

Plastic Service Centers is making an impact in the plastics industry by providing hard to find products, and exceptional customer service to all prospective clients; pair that with over a century of combined manufacturing, technical, and marketing experience, and Plastic Service Center is a great resource for those interested in purchasing thermoplastics.

Interested in learning more about the new relationship between Plastic Service Centers, and Sabic Innovative Plastics?  Visit Plastic Service Centers’ website here, or call at 888-44-PLASTIC.