Plastic Service Centers

There is a definite need for a thermoplastic resin distributor that is a service orientated supplier, providing superior technical expertise with the ability and willingness to be the most price competitive possible on their plastic resins. That is Plastic Service Centers.

The management staff at PSC brings over a century of experience including technical, manufacturing, and marketing of thermoplastic resins. We pride ourselves on recommending the plastic resin material options that will best meet your requirements for your new or existing application, with the best plastic services at some of the most competitive prices in the industry today. Try us out as your plastic resin supplier and see why so many other companies depend on us for thermoplastic resin.

From high engineering grades of PTFE filled nylons and acetals to commodity grades of styrenes, automotive approved, 100% color matched, carbon fiber, etc. When it comes to plastic resins we carry what you need. Located 20 miles north of Detroit Michigan we distribute throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Distributor headquarters is located in Clinton Township, Michigan (20 Miles north of Detroit). We have strategically located plastic resin warehousing throughout the US for quick shipments including to Canada and Mexico.

Product Line

Thousands of thermoplastic resins in engineering grades, commodity, custom compounds, colorants, additives, automotive approved, generic, carbon fiber, major brands, and reprocessed materials. Over 4,000,000 Lbs of plastic resin in stock ready for immediate shipment.


Blending, company owned warehousing and trucking.

We are your 'go to' plastic resin and thermoplastic resin distributor!

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